I have been working in the creative industry as a writer.

3 months ago, during a brainstorm regarding gaming art, I came across a tutorial to create pixel art. I happened to pixelate a few of my coworkers just for fun.

Starting from coworkers, I go on searching for awesome strangers in Instagram and get them pixelated just to give them a delight. These strangers get my pixel doodles on their own platforms for fun.

As the buzz goes, strangers start to beep me and request to be pixelated. Some of them said it reminds them their memory of Nintendo games, some just want them for plain pleasure.

As the network grow larger, I come across numerous awesome skiiers dwelling from mountain to mountain; I make friends with skateboarders; I chat with ski film artists; I even accept orders to create pixelated portrait as wedding present.

Now this is how I broaden my horizon a bit.

For a limited time I am putting the project onto a slightly higher level: as a kickstarter campaign. See if I can be backed up by pixel lovers around the world.

I promise to pixelate whoever making request through the campaign. You may be interested in making one for yourself or your buddy. Just visit the link, or search for “pix9you” at Instagram and Tumblr for more detail.

More info: kck.st

The origin of everything. My coworking team

A lot of my characters are flying

One of them like to hold big fish as if it is a bazooka

Sometimes I add imaginary elements, sometimes I don’t

Some keep sliding on hilltop as if they are exploring a new planet

A human being can’t fly, yet her character probably can

He reminds me of Life of Pi, so I mash him up with my favorite tiger character, Hobbes

Junior ones like pixel art too, this surprise me a bit. Did they come across any in their life?

A quick snap. Search “pix9you” at instagram to view the full album

You may like to be pixelated too, check out and place your request at my campaign at kickstarter at: http://kck.st/2A874Ei