At the age of 7, we had a competition in school. Each child had to sketch a bin that could be used for disposing of litter, I sketched a robot with his mouth being the circular hole you would dispose your litter through. To people it was just a bin, to me it was a robot eating your litter. I won the competition but this is not about the bin, this is about using art to make your imagination feel real.

Many years later, I found myself getting into debates with several people about the power of art, my point is that art is imagination and can make the impossible feel possible, but they all dismissed art like it wasn’t real. I thought to myself that one day I need to prove how powerful art really is. Several more years later, I was watching the movie Scarface when the crazy impossible idea I have been waiting for all that time suddenly came to me – an Internet artwork where people can own the world, a unique owner for every country.

Being a big Leonardo da Vinci fan, I got into the artwork like it was a real painting, I started creating a mathematical formula that used the Fibonacci sequence to use as much of the real-life attributes of a physical painting into my digital artwork. The whole idea started in 2010 and I finally released it – the internet artwork Gold Diamond World, the place where 180 countries can be owned, marking Leonardo da Vinci’s 500th Anniversary.

To get people into it, I will post each country for $0.99 on eBay auction, to make it a fun experiment to involve as many people as possible to prove how something impossible can feel real. It is not about the money, if the artwork is seen by 6 billion people and all the 180 countries sell for $0.99, I would be the happiest man alive and in history.

If you ever have the naysayers telling you something will never happen, or your idea won’t work, or its “IMPOSSIBLE”, you tell them where to stick it.

Thank you for reading my story. Take care.

More info:

The full artwork. 180 countries to be Owned. Cuba is the first country to go Live

The historical digital book where the names of the Owners will be recorded into history

Take a peek at the artwork’s crazy Scarface-themed release