My second trip to Iran confirmed my first impressions of the country 7 years ago: the country is as far as can be from the stereotypes most people in the western world have.

Nowhere else have I met so friendly, peace loving people! And yet the US is trying to bar people with an Iranian visa to enter the country!

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Selfie in Shiraz’s bazaar

I showed then the shot afterwards and one of them told me “Oh, you took a photo, I’m so ugly!”

Phoning home in Shiraz

I just love this shot!

Relaxing after school in Esfahan

Ice creams are very popular in Iran

Relaxing in Seo so Pol, Esfahan

A very popular spot in Esfahan, even more so when the river is flowing!

What can they be talking about? Shiraz

Mysterious scene, the woman on the left trying to reassure the other who seems to be freaking out!

Kashan, man with pigeons

If you look closely, the man is putting on his shoes

Guitar player in Tehran

She kept on playing in the sun.

On the train

On my way to Yazd from Tehran. Whenever possible, trains are a very convenient alternative to buses.

See you tonight! Shiraz

Outside one of the numerous language schools in Shiraz

The building round the corner of Vanak Square

A very common sight in Iran, buildings being erected.

Bus scene in Shiraz

Buses are always very crowded and there’s a lot going on in them.

Speeding away in Shiraz

Notice the care-free stance of the driver meant to impress the girl!

On the way back from Persepolis

Naughty boy!

Birdman in Kerman

A painter putting the finishing touches to a decor on a Kerman cinema

Flirting in the metro

Even though there is a woman section in the cars, more and more women get on men cars

In the suburbs of Kerman

Two bys trying to kick of an old Yamaha bike, to no avail!

Youngsters’ fun

Wedding gowns in Esfahan

Looked like a gallery of ghosts

Seo-se-pol in Esfahan

A great leap for this man

Street dresscode

Telephone booths in Tehran

For those who don’t own a cellphone

Waiting for the bus

She enjoyed being photographe a lot!

Hip hop dancer outside the National Theater in Tehran

I sent him the photo

Family scene in Yazd

Parks are wonderful places to relax and there are lots in Iran!

Father and Son in Yazd

Not rare to see up to 5 people riding a bike

Couple visiting Persepolis

The first time I visited Persepolis back in 2008, I was the only foreigner there! This time, there were busloads of tourists! Nice to see some locals admiring the beauties of the Persian legacy

Tiredness! Woman taking a nap in Persepolis

There are benches everywhere, very convenient for a quick nap

Lost in her thoughts – Caravanserail in Shiraz’s bazaar

A moment’s moment

Shadow on a veil in Esfahan

Doesn’t it look like she’s operating a puppet?

Hide and Seek in Esfahan

He wanted to be on the photo no matter what!

Waiting for customers

If you look closely, there is another man inside the shop!

The pigeon man in Kashan

They saw me in the street and insisted I came on the rooftop to see the pigeons, hundreds of them!

Hand in hand in Tehran