I bring my favourite childhood characters into adulthood! A trip down memory lane. 

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Photography has been my passion since I started university. I used to take pictures whenever I got the chance. However, it always felt like something was missing. Two years ago, I started my own business with a friend who is an artist/illustrator (a lifestyle brand called RNDM Designs). As part of our social strategy to market our product, we started mixing his illustrations with photographs. This gave me the inspiration to start putting my favorite cartoon characters in real situations, fusing them with my photography. I started digging into my archives to see what fits best and I came up with a series of 3 pictures; following that I started imagining these characters in the streets while walking, which made me start taking specific pictures to suit my series. This project became a way for me to connect all of my passions, stay connected to my own creativity and always remind myself to never grow up.

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#2 Homer (Beirut, Lebanon)

Homer (Beirut, Lebanon)


PyroarRanger 5 months ago

Wouldn't wanna walk down and see that...

#3 Gru (Batroun, Lebanon)

Gru (Batroun, Lebanon)


Willie D'Kay 5 months ago

I am baffled by that doorway. It looks like it might be 2 separate residences but then again they are chained together.

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#4 Cruella De Vil (Mexico City, Mexico)

Cruella De Vil (Mexico City, Mexico)


Willie D'Kay 5 months ago

That's a beautiful elevator.

#5 Mowgly (Saidon, Lebanon)

Mowgly (Saidon, Lebanon)


Willie D'Kay 5 months ago

The red loin cloth goes nicely with the red Coke sign.

#6 Ursula (Aswan, Egypt)

Ursula (Aswan, Egypt)


Christin Bieber 5 months ago

love it!

#8 Scooby Doo (Cairo, Egypt)

Scooby Doo (Cairo, Egypt)


Willie D'Kay 5 months ago

The Mystery Machine was in the shop.