“Part of Their World” – a tale of all those Little Mermaids and Sea they are forced to swim in. One of the cartoons of my childhood- The Little Mermaid- aside from portraying yet another damsel in distress managed to highlight one important issue – the issue of how female child is approached and treated. Over-protectiveness. Demands to be a “good girl” and expectation of staying under complete patronage and control of their fathers till they are grown enough to get under control of their husband.

Few lines of the song from that cartoon resonate in particular:

“Betcha on land they understandBet they don’t reprimand their daughtersBright young womenSick if swimmingReady to stand”…

– we women are expected to swim in safe waters. Exploring new? What nonsense!

Stand on our own two feet? We must be mad! Have a different point of view from our fathers’? How did they raise such a child!

Men, however demanding the family can be to them too (and it is), are never disgraced by being outspoken and independent. It is encouraged for a male child to take responsibility of his life. However a girl child will always be “her daddy’s girl” and has to remain in his protective custody.

Why do we have to beg and rebel to have the right to stand up on our two perfectly fit for it legs and find our own way, even if it is on the ground, not in the water.

Out of the seaWe deserve to makeOur own world.

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