In Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, I traveled above the Arctic Circle to document an increasing trend of depopulation, and the abandoned homes left in its trail.

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The north offers a spectacular landscape, lit by the midnight sun all summer and by magical northern lights on those dark winter days. With an abundance of tall mountain tops, emerald green waters and a natural light that’s every photographer’s dream, this beautiful destination has become a favorite with an increasing amount of tourists.

Still, life in the north is hard, and scattered underneath tall mountains you find the abandoned houses of those who no longer could endure the hardship. Like a scene from a Nordic noir, they bear witness to the everlasting tale of the beauty and wildness of life in the Arctic. I tried to capture the polarization between the beauty of the landscape and the melancholy of the empty homes.


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I Documented The Abandoned Houses Above The Arctic Circle


Tonima Shahed 1 year ago

wow! bit depressing but still looks like a fairy land