Photographer Nina Mace has spent years photographing kids in the outdoors and here shares some of her top images.

Says Nina “For anyone reading this who lives in the UK, you will often end up in conversations with friends and family about the weather and how it’s too cold/ too hot/ too windy/ too wet.

The upside of our incredible changeable weather is the amazing colours which we can utilise in our photography across the seasons. I work photographing children and families all throughout the UK and I wanted to share some a few of the incredible colourful natural backdrops we have available.

From Spring blossom to bluebells, summer greens to Autumnal oranges the options are endless. I love the seasons and I hope that some of these images inspire you to feel the same way”

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Dancing girl in Bluebells

Spring Blossom

A Rainy/ Sunny Day

Summer Greens

A Summers evening

Christmas Evergreens

Autumnal evening

Autumn leaves