Using straight white acrylic, I dab the paint onto the records by hand with a very smashed brush. Carefully. I can’t get it off once it’s on, so I have to take care not to put on too much. The black vinyl visually mixes with the white paint to create the illusion of the shading. It’s also kind of like a newspaper photo in reverse.

I create these to celebrate the subject and the object, thanking those for adding their music and art to our culture. Pieces have been commissioned by VEVO, the CEO of Beats Music, and David Lynch for his foundation. They’ve been shown by VH1 and hung in the suites at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Lou Reed was gifted one by the photographer whose portrait I drew inspiration from for the piece.

My Vinyl Art is something physical to hold onto in this digital age, something to point to and say “That’s my music, my culture!” People love giving them to loved ones who they don’t know what they don’t have, but know what they’ll want.

More info:

Johnny Cash

Jimi Hendrix

Bob Dylan

Frank Zappa

Aretha Franklin


Lou Reed


John Coltrane

Ray Charles

Amy Winehouse

Sly Stone and Nick Cave

Amanda Palmer and Tom Waits

These were painted for the Lynch Foundation. They were signed by the musicians with silver sharpie and then auctioned for the charity. They picked the photos for me!

Me with my Vinyl Art