It is said that “all art is political.” Throughout our history, art has become a venue of people to communicate ideas including political thoughts. Today, there are lots of issues confronting our society such as government reforms, elections, gender and equality, peace and order, and a lot more. 

By juxtaposing magazine covers and classical artworks, I was able to express my feeling about various political and social issues without being overtly biased. It really helped me release my frustrations to the all the depressing news everyday. Through these digital collages, I was able to examine the dynamics of media, art, and history, and how these things are deeply connected to our political and social condition.

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Donald Trump, Time Magazine January 1989 + The Holy Family with a Palm Tree by Raphael

Barack Obama, Bloomberg Businessweek March-April 2012 + Julius II (Giuliano della Rovere) by Raphael

Michelle Obama, Time Magazine June 2009 + Salome with the Head of John the Baptist by Guido Reni

The Great Hemline Hassle, Life Magazine March 1970 + Icarus and Daedalus by Lord Frederick Leighton

Churchill V-Sign, Time Out November 1974 + George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Hillary Clinton, New York Magazine September 2013 + Der Tote am Meer (The Dead Man by the Sea) by Oskar Zwintscher

Prince Harry, Tatler Magazine November 2012 + Portrait of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria by Eugen Felix

Never Offline, Time Magazine September 2014 + Guido Reni by St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness

Time Magazine (Asia Edition) September 2016 + The Spoliarium by Juan Luna

Donald Trump, New York Magazine September/October 2015 + Charles James Fox by Joshua Reynolds

Flight MH17, The Sunday Times Magazine December 2014 + Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth

Martin Luther King Jr, Time Magazine August 2013 + Triple Profile Portrait, attributed to Lucas de Heere

Malala Yousafzai, Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People 2013 + Treats for the Bird by Emile Auguste Hublin

Hillary Clinton, Studio (Italy) 2013 + Madonna of the Rose (Madonna della rosa) by Raphael

Angela Merkel, Time Magazine Person of the Year Issue 2015 + Admiring Beauty by Guillaume Seignac

Rodrigo Duterte, Esquire Philippines March 2015 + St. Louis, a prisoner in Egypt by Gustave Dore