I’m Caitlin, I’ve been a jeweler for over ten years. Jewelry is my passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else but I didn’t want to just make pretty trinkets. I wanted the pieces I make to be useful in a deeper way and for people to be able to use the jewelry I make for more than just adornment.

Living in the Pyrenees countryside, I am surrounded by flowers and endless examples of how magnificent nature is. This beautiful place inspired me to start making floral affirmation tokens.

I would like my tokens to inspire people to look for the good in their everyday lives and to use them to create long-lasting habits of positivity.

I believe in manifesting. It is the principle that “on what you focus, you will manifest” and is a daily practice of brain retraining. Having a physical object with you, that you have mentally attached your affirmations, can help you stay focused on that journey to sustained positivity.

In creating my pieces, I use traditional goldsmith hand tools and methods like sawing and drilling. I also use a traditional enamel technique called Plique-à-jour. This technique creates a stained glass-like effect. The first time the piece comes out of the kiln and I look through the enamel is such a thrill. Revealing its true colors is like magic.

Each one of the flowers that inspires a collection I have carefully selected for its meaning. All flowers have meanings and I love that subtle conversation between the token and the wearer.

I love that each piece has layers of meaning. I draw meaning from the fact that the pieces get more beautiful when you hold them up to the light and look closely, in the same way, that our lives look better when you look closely and see each individual small positive moment throughout your day.

I call them tokens because tokens are symbols of a bigger concept, a hope, a wish, or a feeling. Jewelry has throughout history served as tokens for protection, power, and love. I want people to be able to use and treasure their jewelry rather than just wear it.

More info: distinctlycaitlindesigns.com

Happiness and protection – Daisy

Self-belief and trust – Spring Gentian

Hope and wisdom – Iris

Courage and kindness – Alpine Primrose

Abundance and grounding – Marsh Marigold

I make all the pieces by hand in my studio in the French Pyrenees

I hope people get as much love and joy from my pieces as I did while making them