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I Made These 6 Animal Sculptures By Mixing Recycled Materials
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I Made These 6 Animal Sculptures By Mixing Recycled Materials

I enjoy working with recycled materials: I feel like I can give life again to old things, and it’s so satisfying to see an art project done! Lately, I’ve been interested in animals and insects, but I’ve done some abstract works as well. It can take me from a couple of days to a whole month to complete this kind of recycled artwork depending on the size and how complex it is. Usually, I start by sketching the art and looking for the right materials. Then I choose where to put them, and when I’m done, I glue them into place. I put the larger and medium-sized objects below then I add the smallest ones along with some decorative gems and beads.

More info: gium.pb.online

Heir of dinosaurs

This is a sculpture of a bird I called “Heir of dinosaurs” since birds evolved from dinosaurs! I made it mostly with recycled objects like wire, ribbons, and cloth from old clothes, cardboard, clothespins, clay, paper, thread, wood, paper clips, pieces of a chair, fake pearls, plastic, metal and small gems that I stuck on a foam base. It is 40 cm long.

The jellyfish

This is a sculpture I made with recycled objects like sponges, wire, ribbons, and cloth from old clothes leaves from fake flowers, clothespins, clay, paper, and small gems that I glued on a foam and packaging base. It is more than half a meter long.
I believe that recycled artworks and sea life are connected since there is so much plastic nowadays in our sea and It’s such a shame since many things could have such a long experience if properly recycled.

The black swan

This is a sculpture I made with recycled art mediums like sponges, magnets, cables, rocks, nails, buttons, hairclips, wire, cardboard, ribbons, and cloth from old clothes, old fake flowers, clothespins, clay, paper, and small gems glued on a base of white foam and black cardboard.
It is 30 by 55 cm.

I began working on this cool art piece with a clear theme on my mind ” Diversity”. I wanted to create something to tear down the walls between people. As an art inspiration, I used the story of the ugly duckling, that the ugly black duckling becomes beautiful when it turns into a white swan. I wanted to turn this bedtime story around with the representation of a beautiful black swan.

I started by sketching the shape I wanted to obtain on for the head and the body on the paper, and I shaped some cloth to make it, then I added the neck ( glue and stones painted in acrylics). After this, I sculped some black clay with a toothpick and added glitter to black paste and dripped it on parchment paper. In the end, I glued the other recycled elements.

It’s not a black and white world

This is my second work on the theme “Diversity”. At the center, there is a monochrome broken heart with two black and white figures made of a circle and a cross. And all around you can see colorful people surrounded by many layers of flowers and vegetation. On the top left of the heart, it is possible to see the colors overflow towards the two figures. I created this piece to show how race and religion shouldn’t divide us. It expresses that humankind consists of a multitude of different people, and sometimes reaching out to someone else can be a way to change and improve oneself.

To make this, I started sculpting some clay with different tools and adding glitter to hot glue that I dripped on parchment paper. I also made the roses with a mixture of dried clay that I molded into the shape I wanted. In the end, I glued the other recycled elements on a black and white foam base.

The grasshopper

This is a small grasshopper sculpture I made with recycled materials like fake leaves, paper, clay, beads, and pins for the eyes. I wanted to make it look like it was eating a small leaf! All the materials are glued on a foam and cardboard base. It is 20×10 centimeters

Art is in the eye of the viewer

My purpose for this unique artwork was to show how it is impossible to define what art is. Art galleries are full of works made with different media and different subjects, but only the viewer can decide what art is for them. I portrayed this with the two eyes looking away from the canvas with the contrast between the colors in the canvas and the white of the decorations around. To make this work, I painted the canvas in the center with homemade oil paint to create an abstract work, and I glued it to a wood support. Then I glued beads, clay that I sculpted, recycled materials ( broken seashells, paper, old thread, polystyrene, cloth, pieces of plastic forks, lace, and ribbons from old clothes) on black cardboard.


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