I love hiding art just as much as I love making it. Lost And Found started in 2017 and is an ongoing art treasure hunt in Vermont.

Most parents with young children know that next month Disney’s Frozen 2 comes out in the theatres. My four-year-old is ecstatic and so am I. Disney has really stepped up their game lately.

To celebrate, I wanted to make a sculpture of Elsa and hide it for Lost and Found. Each piece has a message stenciled on the back that reads: “This artwork is free under one condition: you promise to do one good thing for the world.” The idea is to pay it forward. The art challenges the winner to make the world a better place.

My family loves hiding them together and doing so during the daytime is never easy. Elsa is 4 feet tall and it will look pretty suspicious walking around with her in a garbage bag. I haven’t decided on the location yet but I will post a clue and date of the event on social media. 

This Lost And Found artwork is for the kids, so please bring kids if you’re going on the hunt and you happen to be in Vermont. I hope to do these out of State one day. If Dan would get his act together, I want to hide 100 World Cows in New York City. Know anyone with a laser cutter? Email me if yes.

Happy hunting!

More info: djbarryart.com | Facebook | Instagram

Hand-cut paper stencils using X-Acto knife

Wood carving using jigsaw