I was asked to do an accordion installations for an Accordion music week in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was my first 3D sculptures and there were many challenges to make it happen. I chose three main materials: concrete, moss, and candies.

The first challenge was to make a body for installation so I invited a craftsman to help me. I made such a big mess in the studio because of the foam, but it was just a beginning. You can imagine how much sugar, moss, and concrete was in the studio after. I have experience with a moss so I started with a forest installation. It took two days to finish it.

The second installation was from candies. The first idea was to make it with vegetables, but it didn’t look tasty at all so I changed it into candies! The salesman was really surprised about a quantity of candies I bought.

The third installation is of concrete, and it symbolizes Vilnius and there is a little panorama on it.

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I’m with poster in the city