I don’t think of myself as a “jewelry maker”. I think of myself as a “storyteller”, only those stories are written in silver. It took me 2 months to finish this jewelry piece. I made it using beetles’ plates, butterflies, and silver (+honey, stones, glass). Making jewelry is a form of art to me. A way I tell stories to other people, a way I show how I see the world. The insects, which I use in my work, have never been killed for jewelry reasons. I have the highest respect towards nature’s creations and try to show its beauty to other people.

Many of my works are inspired by an insect. As a naturalist, I mostly appreciate the fact, that these are not just artistic impressions of insects, but each work is based on a real specimen. To me it is like capturing the essence of something, that was once a magnificent creature – nature’s perfect little machine. The creatures, so often as beautiful as jewels after preserving in precious metal become a real jewelry and a form of art. During the process of a hand covering with silver, the insect’s body is completely annihilated, leaving only a perfect cast, that to me is like a canvas to a painter.

Each piece is totally handmade, each piece took days to finish (sometimes weeks) as the whole process is delicate and time-consuming. 

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Jewelry triptych photoshoot images by: Quality Pixels Photography (Marcin & Sylwia Ciesielski)