Hi! My name is Daniel Azconegui, and I´m a Spanish illustrator, specialized in watercolor & acrylic paintings. At first, I start painting at the age of 7 on a tiny paint academy here in Madrid (Spain), and since then, I have continued to learn and practice painting.

I studied Fine Arts and specialized in Painting, but I also worked in different jobs for several years that had nothing to do with it (while I was studying Fine Arts and after that), because we all have to pay bills! During many years, I participate in outdoor painting competitions, which is a type of painting contest in which you present yourself and you must paint, for a short time, 4 to 8 hours, a place of the city in which the event is being held. 

More info: Instagram | danielazconegui.com

I love and enjoy so much painting that I continue working on it, at night, during weekends, not taking so many hours to sleep, just for art. 
Well… because I have, since I was born, anosmia (i can not smell anything), I had a poisoning from vapors from oil paint products. So after that, I was done with Oil painting or Mixed Media with Oil (usually oil and acrylic) and started working with watercolor. I do love watercolor, so I start working only with watercolor, learning from modern watercolor artists, and practicing classic and contemporary style to find my way. 

In parallel, I always liked comics and films, and I love the classic movie posters made by Drew Struzan or Tsuneo Sanda, among others. The power of their paintings is awesome! So 4 years ago, when I saw the first season on Netflix´s Daredevil, a spark ignited in me: I had to paint those characters!! And I’ve done it! I enjoyed it so much that, since that first movie painting, I worked in different compositions of characters and movies with watercolor, just painting for no one, just for me and the enjoyment of it. 
But thanks to a twist and a great friend, 2 years ago, I was able to show my work in a Comic-Con in Madrid, and a year after that, I was able to finally work 24/7 on what I like the most: painting.
Since then, I have done small projects with “no so many characters,” like Jurassic Park, The Witcher 3, Hellboy, Conan, Chihiro… and projects with up 35 or 40 characters like Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or the last one I finished the previous week: Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter watercolor is a project I was thinking about so many times, but I did not want to work with it until now. I am so fond of this movie; I wanted to be able to work long and hard with it, to capture the essence of each character.
Finally, I was ready to work with it, and there it is: It took me 90-100 hours of drawing, inking, and painting this 50x70cm watercolor paper to complete it.
I used to work this way: First, I made a collage of drawings and photographs to find a composition that works for me, first in small size and later, on a real size to see any problems with the structure. Then, I draw all the characters and portraits with a pencil, adding shadows and “grays.”

After that, I usually start working with the watercolor by parts, typically character by character. Then, when I have everything with a “first-hand painting,” I adjust contrast, color, and lights in general with watercolor also. That way, the work is well integrated.
At the very end, I also use Prismacolor pencils to make hatches, lines, and details and acrylic on the airbrush to make light effects, like lightsabers and magic.
I hope you like it!! 

Below you can find work progress videos of Harry Potter watercolor painting, pictures of my Avengers, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings watercolor works, and a photo side-by-side of 2015 to 2019 work.

Videos Of Work In Progress

Other works