October 1913 is the year in which this engineering wonder was inaugurated, the pumping station that watered a whole city. The noise produced by this mechanism could be heard from 20 km, which is probably why it was built somewhere outside the city. It hasn’t been working for a long time, remaining in a state of degradation, with only a few dozen pigeons keeping company to this old artifact.

The whole station itself is quite stiff and rusty, making any intruder feel like entering a whole other world in which dominates monotony. Makes you hope it will one day be saved… From what I’ve heard, it could be functional if minor repairs were made. Being there gave me the feeling I have when entering a museum, the place is just like a time loop into the beginning of the modern era. The combination of pipes, screws and pressure watches, linked together like a family of sleeping workers, form an organism that seems to change shape with every new look.

I would have stayed there for a whole day to admire it and let my imagination wander, but the environment inside hurried me out with the intense need of exploring more and more.

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