I don’t like to throw away old stuff and I kept these boxes of tongue depressors that were being discarded from a foreclosed vocational school. I kept it for a year, until my sister called and told me that my niece would like to buy a dollhouse at Target for her birthday but it’s too pricey.

I started browsing for a good buy and ran across miniature houses. After looking at miniature houses, my next stop was You Tube and Pinterest-I was completely blown by miniature furnitures among other things and started looking for my tongue depressors. On my off days and quite time-I would pull out my project and work on it at least an hour a day, 2 months into the “construction phase” -here is what I have completed so far.This is my very first attempt to build something like this, I played the whole thing in my mind and imagine how I will begin working on it. I even checked You tube on real house construction and DIY . Started in December 2017 and here is what I have done so far. I have to rest my hands , particularly my fingers every now and then because cutting the tongue depressor by Xacto Knife is not really fun (this is why I am taking too long to complete this project.)

Interior-the Staircase was my biggest challenge because I built at the later stage where all walls and divisions have been paste together-lesson learn.

Side Angle

Front of the House (obviously) need to deconstruct the post infront which are not straight-I like my door though.