Have you ever wondered who looks after the plumbing in a magical fantasy world? The Fairy God Plumbers!

As a young artist I was always trying to find a way to entertain people through art, and after making my first card game I have become absolutely hooked. From video game ideas through to cartoons or movies, I had been looking for a creative outlet that I can share with the world, but a lot of those ideas need big teams, but now I’m so happy about being able to complete a solo project that is actually really fun, polished and hilarious!

I’ve just launched the card game on Kickstarter – if you like what you see below you can become a backer and get your own copy of the game! The campaign will end August 30th. Please enjoy! :)

More info: kickstarter.com


Baby Cthulhu


Garden Gnome


Puss In Boots

Loch Ness Monster

Frog Prince