My name is Ewa Mos and I’m illustrator and photographer. I was thinking how I can do my both passions at the same time. Technique of combination photography with illustration allows me to create completely new universes. I like to draw bizarre, odd, weird, sometimes quite creepy stuff – and combine it with beautiful pictures. Thanks to that I can deal with things which scares me or disturb. I got very inspired by Disney movies, especially ‘Mary Poppins’ from 1964! Where real-world overlaps with fantasy animation. I loved that idea, so I decided to do it myself and add another level to the picture. Telling childhood stories in adult life.

At this moment I’m taking from new technology possibilities and use wacom tablet to create my work, but in the beginning, I drew everything on paper and then scan it into the photography.

I love skulls, dinosaur, and dinosaurs!

Hope you enjoy it!

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