I think every day about things we had done as Humans and trust me most of the time I regret about it. Being an artist, I thought I should do a series of illustration full of concept that’ll make us realize what are we doing & why we need to stop. Hope this will make some good impact on us & make us think about future once again & Save our planet.


Yes the end the near if we do not stop doing what we are doing to our earth. So it’s time to think from our heart rather then thinking practically. It’s time to see the earth as our own child and protect it. It’s time that we say NO to the human character and be more emotional towards our Mother Earth.

Because the earth demands nothing so do it for your own sake.


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Greed Over Green

Forced Into Homelessness

As If We Care

Cost Of Lost

Just A Few Adjustments

Irreversible Impact

Story Of Jungle

Till Timeout

Major Missing