I thought I understood dementia.

One of my grandmas got Alzheimer’s disease in about 2006, and she sadly passed away last year.

I never took the time to properly understand dementia and how it feels to live with the disease.

Last month, I was asked to illustrate these analogies for a project by AllClear Insurance and Dementia Friends. The project really opened my eyes to the reality of dementia and I am incredibly proud to have been a part of it.

So, I wanted to share the analogies for anyone who has been affected by dementia – whether you have it yourself, or care for a loved one who does.

More info: allcleartravel.co.uk

The Cereal Analogy

The Soup Analogy

The Chalk Slate Analogy

The Radio Analogy

The TV Remote Analogy

The Shower Analogy

The Washing Machine Analogy

The Computer Analogy

The Mirror Analogy