My name is Julia and I’m a Belarusian amateur photographer currently living in Prague.

There is a Swahili expression “Watu sio milima” which means “People are not mountains”. Every time when I prove that I’m not a mountain and travel from one place to another I see this world from a new perspective and become a bit better. This month I traveled to Tanzania and made more than 60 people smile and laugh: they got their first instant photos from me and their emotions were priceless! Here you can see the results of my work!

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My very first model

Birthday present

Moms loved the idea too!

He called his mom to take a look at the photo.
“She will be very happy”

Smiling kid in Nungwi, Zanzibar

Their father asked me to come later and make more photos.
“I have more kids and want to have more memories like this one”

Maasai people exploring instant photography for the first time

Happy Maasai child

Somewhere in Arusha

This woman is Maasai living in Arusha. She was old and couldn’t hear me properly but still allowed me make a photo of her without understanding what was going on :)
The only word she said was “Ashe” – “Thank you” in the Maa language


This old lady was hiding from me and didn’t want to be on a photo. Her son owns a small shop for tourists and speaks English pretty well, I explained him the idea of my project and finally I had a chance to take a quick shot.
“It’s ok now. I told her you’re good”

“I want a photo too”

I became so “famous” in Arusha that some people were trying to find me and see how my camera worked.
This woman was one of them :)
“Jambo, karibu! I want a photo too”

Smiling man in Arusha

On the streets of Stonetown, Zanzibar