Sometimes those travel photos all end up looking similar to one another, and drawing on them is my way of making them unique. I'm an illustrator which make me Tracy Sketchit in the Pokemon series. Other than Pokemon, sometimes I mash-in other franchises as well because there is always enough geek-love for more than one fandom. Hope you enjoy 'em!

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Most of the photos were taken by the wonderful help of @Larry_widjaja! And drawings were done on Procreate on the iPad Pro.

You can find my previous Pokemon post here.

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#1 Hogwarts For Pokémon

Hogwarts For Pokémon


Markus McCloud 10 months ago

"You're a lizard, Harry! A fire one!"

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#3 Nyaaaw



Derpicorn 10 months ago

So cute ❤️❤️❤️

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#4 Summertime!



EvieNiffler 10 months ago

I love Vaporeon :D Careful - they can become invisible in the water ;)

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#7 Moltres Raid

Moltres Raid


Seong Jin 10 months ago

Great work!

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#9 Cotton Candy In Yosemite

Cotton Candy In Yosemite


SriGanesh.Ninja 10 months ago

This is cute !

#10 Remember That Almost Impossible Lugia Raid?

Remember That Almost Impossible Lugia Raid?


Cam Williams 9 months ago

dude you must have the best tinder account, haha

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