I designed letters of the alphabet based on mythical creatures/legendary monsters from various cultures across the world. I also drew monsters for the numerals 0-9.

This was for “36 Days of Type” the annual instagram design and art challenge.

More info: 36daysoftype.com | Instagram | behance.net

A for Abominable Snowman

B for Banshee

C for Centaur

D for Dragon

E for Erymanthian Boar

F for Frankenstein’s Monster

G for Godzilla

H for Hydra

I for Imp

J for Jiangshi

K for Kraken

L for Loch Ness Monster

M for Minotaur

N for Naagin

O for Ogre

P for Phoenix

Q for Quilin

R for Rokurokubi

S for Sphinx

T for Troll

U for Unicorn

V for Vampire

W for Werewolf

X for Xana

Y for Yali

Z for Zombie