Hello, I’m an estonian illustrator Marita Liivak and recently I bought myself a bunch of copic markers. I had been dreaming of these markers for years and finally got a chance to buy a bunch of them to start my amazing colourful journey. In the beginning I didn’t have too many ideas on what to draw, so I drew what I knew best- a beautiful girl and just tried out the markers on her. I got so carried away with “trying out the markers” until I completed a whole series of nothing but coloured pretty girls. I hope you like the result and don’t forget to enjoy their colourful curves.

Sincerely yours


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Lollipop fusion

Lay back

The cheekiest of them all

Blue manga princess

Froggy princess

From one side and the other

In her own world

In a bubbly retro vibe

A time to reflect

A girly Saturday afternoon


She’s a cold drink in a desert of lust

Hug yourself a squishy butt

Sweet sweet Sunday

Breathing in the vibes