I crochet, and also write crochet patterns. I designed some hats on headbands for kids and adults and found some adorable models. Amy Lohmann of Amy’s Awesome Afghans decided she had a different model in mind for hers. I have to say, she did a fabulous job. These pics made my day!!

They not only good on horses, they also look adorable on kids. Scroll through to see some on Miss Paisley and Miss Zola.

You can purchase the crochet patterns to make your own , or you can order your own custom hat/headbands in my Etsy shop

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Always a bridesmaid…….

Pretty Winnie!!

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Jingle Bells…..

Shasta makes a perfect Elf.

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I’m sexy and I know it

Lakota is one good looking horse!!

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I hope there’s oats in that cauldron

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Miss Paisley with so much divatude!!

Photo taken by her Mama Karen.

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Miss Paisley

Photo taken by her Mama Karen

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Miss Zola

This model works for unicorns!!

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