Hey! My name is Aušrinė, but a lot of people knows me as Aube (Aube’s Interior & Art). I am an interior designer, painter and artist from Lithuania. The biggest my purpose is to share my art all around the world. I wanna travel in different countries and leave there a mark with my paintings on the walls, canvas, in galleries or houses. So down below you can see one of my wall painting art in Finland school.

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First of all, I decided to paint a radiator in green color, but nobody realise why I did it

After two days, I had a little bit different result – an empty wall became a wall full of cactus !

Finns told me : “You brought the Sun to our school !”. And I’m very proud of myself, because I grew cactus in the middle of Finland!

Now student’s a rest place is much more youthful and joyful and here the Sun will be shine all the time !