I made this portrait series inspired by today’s plastic pollution. In this series, I chose to use dramatic lighting to highlight models in contorted poses with blindfolds made of bubble wrap. I wanted to convey a sense of both protected ignorance and frustration in “Blind To Plastic”. I hope this series not only captures the attention of art-lovers but brings a call to action to remove our protected-layer of ignorance to our climate crisis and plastic pollution.

The whole process took about two days to photograph each model. During the process of this series, I first started with plastic wrap for the blindfolds but I morally struggled using plastic even for the sake of art. After careful consideration, I decided to use bubble wrap as it did not have to be thrown away after its usage in the series! The bubble wrap also is significant as bubble wrap is used to protect fragile objects. In this case, it protects our eyes from the fragile climate conditions right in front of us.

The contorted poses were inspired a bit by Greek sculpture. I wanted people to be uncomfortable when viewing their portraits just as uncomfortable I am when people turn a cheek to our climate crisis. I love the human body and showing raw skin a lot. So I looked at old greek sculpture to inspire the poses!

I once did a photo project in college where I had to use whatever was in the studio and as fate has it, bubble wrap was in the room! So I had an idea of how it would look beforehand!

There are so many alternatives to avoid plastic usage both on local and global levels in all areas of life. Whether the lifestyle changes are big or small, it’s time we stare this climate emergency in the face and take action. As well as the endless supply of resources online, you can follow me for sustainable advice as well.

Do let me know what’s your favorite portrait and what you do to reduce your plastic pollution!

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Model: Brian

Model: Jade

Model: Naomi (@naomibagate)

Model: Al

Model: Tarra (@tarra.k.f)

Model: Dan (@adoorwithnodank)

Model: Samuel (@Sincaster87)

Model: Chucky (@chuckyhugh)

Model: Evelyn