I am Ričardas Strazdauskas, an amateur graphic artist from Lithuania. Art to me is a hobby, passion and a way to express myself. I dream of publishing a coloring book.

I would like to present my artworks to the visitors of “Bored Panda” website under the name “Undiscovered tribe”. The creation of this “Miiauji” tribe was inspired by a dream, that sent me into the parallel world where these majestic cats reigned. No, not ordinary domestic cats, but large wild predators, both intriguing and charming. These unique beasts, covered with beautiful feathers and their hunting trophies, accepted me as a friend at their tribe – so I could learn a lot about them and perfectly portray them in my own artworks…

For full story about “Miiauji” tribe see my other posts here and here.

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Moo – moon cat

„Many say, that when they look at me, they immediately calm down, all anger and disagreements end. If only I can help – I will be your cure. However on full moon I will become your headache.”

Kee – Underground tombs keeper

“Always remember 9 lives are not the end! The most important thing is to feel immortal, and then the spirit will get wings…”

Xii – chimera

“…I don’t understand, why nobody likes us? We are so cute after all. Well, sometimes we become vicious too, but there are reasons for that, at night we all become ruthless predators. O do we?”

Loo – Judge

“I am helping for many to make the right decisions, after assessing the situation, it is enough for me to turn my head to one side or the other and everything becomes clear …”

Suu – stargazer

“Sleep is an integral part of my life, but I like the most to make Sky maps. Every time I wait for the night to travel somewhere and get lost. And stars will always bring me home…”

Pyy – Pirate

„…meow, Meoow, MEOW!!! I want milk! And food! Also – a massage… Meow! Here and now!“

Hii & Cii – Travellers

“It’s crazy that cats love to walk alone – after all, they are happier together! And it’s even easier to hunt down prey together, safer – when you trust each other. The Miiauji tribe will always be in our hearts – we are it‘s children …”

Roo – Rolling stone

“Who am I wondering: why do I exist? How strong is my will? What is the purpose of my life? How far can I run away? How much stamina do I possess? Do I really have 9 lives? “