I am Ričardas Strazdauskas, an amateur graphic artist from Lithuania. Art to me is a hobby, passion and a way to express myself. I dream of publishing a coloring book.

I would like to present my artworks to the visitors of “Bored Panda” website under the name "Undiscovered tribe" and I believe that there would be publishing houses or financial sponsor willing to help me to fulfill my dream. I wish to bring these characters to life and I dream that they will come to our world - both in movies and games, fashion, art reproductions, or in other environments.

For full story and "Miiauji" part 1 see my other post here.

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#1 Saa - Princess

Saa - Princess

"I love the flowers, gifts and sacrifices, as well as the winners of the tournaments, to whom I personally give the winning prizes ..."


#2 Fii - A Fisher

Fii - A Fisher

"I am the only cat in a tribe who likes water - it's a whole new, separate world with its exotic treats..."


#3 Soo - Entertainer!

Soo - Entertainer!

"Watch what tricks I can do, and my feathers are bigger than myself! That is why I am often mixed up for a bird ..."


#4 Maa - Warden

Maa - Warden

"How to remain sporty and lively in an environment with so much food? You just need to play a lot! Play before food, play with food, play while eating and play after food ..."


#5 Luu - Spy

Luu - Spy

"Shhh, I'm not here and never was, and you did not see anything."


#6 Gii - Giant

Gii - Giant

"Am I slow? Slow?! Ha! I am strong and powerful, and the biggest of all the the cats in the tribe! And anyway, you would not manage without my help in any hunting trip..."


#7 Vii - Defender

Vii - Defender

"Although I'm blind, my sensory abilities are ten times stronger than of any other cat in the tribe! Therefore, sleep calmly, dear, I will defend you ..."


#8 Huu - Hunter

Huu - Hunter

"...I was lucky to be born with an unusual meowing - it seems to all the birds that I am their relative, but unfortunately, they have to be disappointed. Perhaps if I would sit on tree meowing even my own tribe would confuse me for a prey“


#9 Duu - Druid

Duu - Druid

"Since childhood, I have been taught how to feel the essence of fauna and flora. It's not possible to destroy what mother-nature has created – we need to befriend nature..."


#10 Vuu - The Queen Of The Tribe

Vuu - The Queen Of The Tribe

"Everyone here can be a king or a queen, but only the chosen ones are able to lead the tribe through the path of survival and prosperity ..."


#11 Buu - Medium

Buu - Medium

"...I am like a ghost - one moment I am here, and the second - no longer. I walk quietly on the invisible paths and appear only when I want to so that you know, how much you do not see, how much you can not feel. But I'll open your eyes!"


#12 Arr - Warrior

Arr - Warrior

"...how dare you compare, who's feathers are bigger! Just you wait until I take off all of my weights, then you will see my might!"


#13 Gaa - Herbalist

Gaa - Herbalist

"Do you know what flowers are meant for? They are intended to bewitch someone, and the diversity of their species merely spices up the charms..."


#14 Koo – Master Of Disguise

Koo – Master Of Disguise

"... the feathers, the leaves, the branches, the grass - all of this can be material for disguise. A good shelter is like a mask that makes a wall between a predator and a victim ..."


#15 Mii – Pathfinder

Mii – Pathfinder

"...everyone leaves it‘s footprints – it‘s the meaning of life. Every trace is like a separate language that you need to learn to read...“