I created an image set of Vilnius public transport using my drone during evenings and nights. I visited a local public transport park and took a lot of random images. Sometimes I had to be careful and not to get too low because of electric wires (and those are not that easily seen on a controller screen). The first bunch of pictures reflects Vilnius public transport life and how it looks like from above. Later on you will find a distorted picture set. The distortion effect was achieved by using slow shutter speed and rotating drone. The straight lines of buses and trolleybuses became twisted and rounded and they look much more interesting than static. To me, each photograph looks almost like a painting because of soft color transitions and smooth lines.

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A driver goes home after work. A bit cinematic if you ask me

Despacito… You can’t even hide from it on the trolleybus

Those shadows could tell additional story

The middle shadow looks like a tall man in a heavy coat

Ready to go

Sometimes you just need to take a nap

2 Fast 2 Trolleybus