When I had to prepare for my wedding, I knew I want a paper bouquet but I didn't want to order it online, so I've made one by myself. It was really simple but I've improved my technique to offer a better quality.

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Since then I create kusudama paper bouquets on free time - it's not my full-time job, just a hobby which hopefully one day become something powerful.

Paper bouquets are really durable. Sun, heat or cold is not an enemy and you can have them for ever! You can even give your bouquet for your daughter and it can become a great tradition of you family.

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#1 Blue Is My Favourite Color!

Blue Is My Favourite Color!

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tweetybird 1 year ago

yes blue is my favourite colour

#4 The Purple Bouquet

The Purple Bouquet

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ALIYAH ALLEN 1 year ago

i love purple. it's my favorite color.