Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. The entirety of the month of October is filled with spooky stories, disturbing images, and amazing costumes. More than anything Halloween allows you to be someone you aren’t, at least for a day. By trade I am a professional commercial product and fashion photographer (a photo story like this would never be expected of me), so keeping with the nature of Halloween, I did something unlike me.

Every year I see horrifying Halloween photo shoots, but though creepy, they’re too often cliche, mostly because of stereotypical overused and exhausted themes: clowns, little kids with bloody eyes, a girl on all fours crawling on the ceiling, you get it. All month that’s what I see on Instagram, so I challenged myself to do something new. Something different.

The 10 photos I am presenting, paired with their titles, tell a story (let me know what you think it is). They all go together in a very particular order, which may not be immediately clear. My intention was to develop an eerie vibe that leads the viewer to feel claustrophobic, trapped, uncomfortable, all without utilizing the common horror stereotypes I noted earlier. My ultimate goal was to leave the viewer wondering after each photo: What happened? What is happening? And what is going to happen? I want you to fall into the scene and become one with the story portrayed. Once your curiosity pushes you to dive into the story, I want you to feel the need to escape, get out before it’s too late.

In the end, I achieved my personal goal of breaking out of the flashy and polished commercial work I always do, and I produced a compelling set of uncomfortable Halloween-inspired photographs that I am proud of. My favorites are number 1 and number 3. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think, if they creeped you out, and if you are at all curious how I achieved the results I got I would be more than happy to unveil my secrets. 

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A dirty martini, please

Free me. Let me go

Found it

No matter how much you scream, no one will ever let you out

The aftermath

Shhh… don’t tell

Join us


The end