Hello Pandas!

I live in a huge warehouse transformed into living/working spaces in North London. It goes without saying that living in such a creative and buzzing community helps you find inspiration in even the plainest of things. Not to mention the amazing things that people get rid of.

One of such unique finds was an old telephone seat. To be honest, I never even knew what a telephone seat was before but this piece interested me so much that I decided to up-cycle it and give it a new life.

I’ve stripped the layers of old paint and sanded the wood. I didn’t have a clear idea of the design at the beginning but I knew I want it to be somewhat three dimensional and use the shape of this furniture to my advantage. So one night the idea for the fuchsia octopus came to my mind. I envisioned the octopus having it’s tentacles wrapped around the wooden parts of the seat (finding its way even inside the magazine shelf).

I picked very vivid and playful colours and hand-painted the octopus using the ornament in the centre as its eye.

Finally, I have re-upholstered the old seat with a quirky bath mat to resemble sea anemone and give the whole piece that ‘aquatic funk’.

The Octopus is now up for sale and looking for a new loving home!

More info: newtopia04.wixsite.com | Facebook