Two years ago, I discovered coffee as the optimal painting medium for me. I’ve read something about Parisian artists in the 17th century which were using tea, wine and coffee as paint and was intrigued by the technique and limited monochrome color range. And since I love coffee in every form, I even use it to develop my film negatives… So I decided to give it a shot. And ever since then, painting with coffee became my passion (see the first article here). My usual subject are my favorite musicians, as I love to listen to music while I paint. Usually I re-brew the coffee grounds used for drinking and different strengths for the shading.

I have created custom made wood frames for the pictures, which are also glazed with coffee. And as bonus: the studio smells amazing every time I paint. :)

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Painting with coffee became my passion… (Musician: Sun Ra)

I use different strengths of coffee for the shading. (Musician: Alice Coltrane)

I also created custom made wood framing for the pictures, which is also glazed with coffee. (Musicians: Mobb Deep)

Artists in the 17th were using tea, wine or coffee as a medium… (Musician: Don Cherry)

… this intrigued me and when I tried it, it quickly became my favorite medium. (Musician: Miles Davis)

It’s fun to paint with it… (Musician: Bob Dylan)

… and as a bonus, the room smells amazing! (Musician: Archie Shepp)

My current subjects are almost always my favorite musicians. (Musician: Sun Ra)

I love to hear the music of them while painting them (Musician: Erykah Badu)

(Musician: Erykah Badu)

I just wanted to share my progress here (Musician: Curtis Mayfield)

I had a great exhibition with the images some time ago… (Musician: Mobb Deep)

… and now I plan doing bigger canvases with it (Musician: Lee Morgan)

(Musician: Ryuchi Sakamoto)

(Musicians: John & Alice Coltrane)

(Musician: Evidence)

(Musician: Brian Eno)

I can’t even imagine using another medium to paint anymore.