Moving houses is quite stressful. Especially, when you find out that the past owners left something ‘special’ behind, like a rodent infestation or dirty underwear stuffed behind the wardrobe. Fortunately, in this story, told by 23-year-old Miranda from Washington, what was left behind was far less scary, and actually pretty exciting.

The woman shared a set of photos 2 days ago, where she showed the note she found after moving in. It started with “Welcome to our beloved home!” and detailed some very important details about what the previous owners left behind. Turns out, the house had a feline tenant who’d been living there for 12 years! “When we first read the note we laughed we thought it was sweet but we also thought it was funny because we are like stray cat magnets. 4 of our 5 current cats were strays” Miranda told Bored Panda. She said that by the time they read the note, the cat was already waiting by the door! “He wasn’t scared of us at all, when we are outside he keeps his distance but he [doesn’t] run, he even comes to the door to let us know when he’s hungry,” she elaborated. Scroll down below to read the full story!

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2 days ago Miranda shared a note she found after moving into a new house

She soon met the one tenant that was left behind

Miranda then shared some photos she managed to snap of Raz

“He wasn’t scared of us at all, when we are outside he keeps his distance but he [doesn’t] run,” Miranda told Bored Panda

She reported that she planned on feeding the cat, as per request, as well as trying to befriend the feline

“Raz getting some food”

“I set catnip out”

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