Ninecrow is a horror/mystery webcomic about a teenage girl named Amanda who recently moved to a new town with her mother after her parents’ divorce. Her mom won’t explain why they’re there, or even how she heard of the place. As Amanda explores the town and begins to unravel the mystery of a decades-old disappearance—or more than one—she starts to fear she’s in danger too. Meanwhile, her mom’s behavior grows ever more detached and bizarre…and Amanda starts to realize her own home may not be safe either.

To get the context, please make sure you read part 1 first!

I create the illustrations for Ninecrow by hand with pen and ink and ink wash. The story is already fully scripted, so no need to worry that it won’t be finished! The story is currently on page 70, and is about half completed. New pages are posted every Monday and Wednesday on my website!

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Is Amanda seriously going to wander down into the sinister basement of a possible murderer?! To find out, follow my website for a new installment every Monday and Wednesday, or watch for Part 3 here on Bored Panda!

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