I'm a young photographer based in Switzerland. I have been meeting up with all sorts of people for the last few years, some of them I have known forever, others just crossed my path a little while ago and mostly we just talk.

About everything, about nothing in particular, about ourselves, about others. Sometimes we just sit in silence, sometimes we are happy, sometimes not. I try to capture it all on my camera. No instructions are ever given from my side, I don't want to express myself by telling people where to turn, what to wear or how to smile.

I'm not trying to create something new, I'm trying to capture what is already there. No poses, no extra make-up, no masks, just people. There is so much beauty in this world and simply overlooking it has become far too easy.

I am eternally grateful for the astonishing moments I got to share with all these people. These are just a few faces, may we remember to open our eyes and see what thousands of other faces try to show us every day: the infinite beauty.

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