My fiance and I have been together for 10 years, crazy right? Well we get asked on a daily basis when we are going to have kids – we finally made everyone happy and got one, well a four legged furry baby who is a cute and she is naughty.

She has become our pride and joy and we take her any and everywhere possible. Here are a couple of pictures of the first 14 weeks of her life!

I has a haircut

This was my first haircut! I’m feeling much cooler now…

Hi my name is Gizmo

Gizmo the Toypom.

Gizmo the toypom

My first toy

I loves my piggy – it squeeks and drives my mum crazy.

Can I help with the washing mum

Gizmo jumped into the tumbledryer – thank goodness I checked before I switched it on.


My mummy made me peanut butter, pumpkin biscuits.

I think I’m bootiful

I loves my peanut butter

After bath time

I has my first bath… eek not to sure about it.

The best place to sleep

The best place to sleep is in my mummies arms.

My dad and I

Daddy and I went to play at the beach – man we’re pooped.


I wonder if mum needs this