Anything that an employee did that was HIGHLY unprofessional.


A teacher started insulting my friend saying all kinds of things about her and her family. This girl also happened to be South American, though she was raised in the states. This teacher used the word "Immigrant" at least 9 times. He was promptly fired on the spot after the teacher next door reported a ruckus.



The wife and I just spent a rather long day at Universal Studios, Orlando and it had been a hot humid day, so we didn't exactly look that great as we had been sweating a little and our hair was a little disheveled. We decided to hit a Chili's on the way home and were asked to sit down while we waited for a table. While waiting, my wife went to the restroom and I saw someone get seated right away while we were still waiting. I thought nothing of it (maybe they had an appointment or something). When the wife came back I went to the bathroom and when I came back I found out that the hostess had seated someone else in front of us. This really upset my wife, so we went outside while we calmed down. I decided that this kind of behavior should not go unpunished, so I went up to the front door, got the store's phone number and called.

When the hostess answered I didn't waste any time and asked to speak with the manager (Yeah, I was that guy) and asked him to come outside to speak with us. He came out and could see how visibly upset my wife was. he offered to comp our meals and invited us in. We ordered some relatively inexpensive items and were treated very well by our server who apologized for the hostess. It would appear that she has done this many times before and had been told that this night would be her last.

We left a rather sizeable tip and drove home feeling like we had made an impact on that restaurant for future patrons...



Just recently I was in a local sports bar and ran into my best friend and her husband along with another couple…her husband’s best friend and his wife. We all sat together and decided to continue on to another place with them. As we were leaving, the waitress brought over two to-go cups for my friend and the other woman. I was surprised because I’m pretty sure that is illegal, (they poured their mixed alcoholic beverages into the cups.), so I said, “wow, you do that?” She actually replied, “If you are the Jones” (she actually said the last name of my friend’s husband’s friend.) They are regulars and they tip well so she treats them special, but dude!, you don’t say that out loud to people that aren’t them. She didn’t know me. I could have easily turned her in and caused problems for her. So dumb.



As duty manager in a large restaurant/pub about 25 years ago, I caught the commis chef rolling a joint directly over somebody's lunch. Bits of weed had actually fallen into the food. He was fired before he even had chance to say 'Hey chill dude. It's cool.'


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