Healthy instant breakfasts.





Nuts and greek yogurt is my choice



Typical Spanish breakfast: Toasted bread with olive oil and a bit of salt. Light, healthy and delicious.

If you have extra time add gratted tomatoe and a bit of garlic. It makes it delicious. I could eat that s**t everyday.



Toast and peanut butter with cereal (on the side) but like a healthy one not one full of chocolate and junk



Three (or four) big spoons of fine oat flakes + some random stuff like seeds/chocolate/nuts/fruit/dried coconut/cinnamon/maple syrup/whatever... add hot/boiling water (rest of the water I use for tea/coffee) and by the time I pour the milk into coffee a return it back to fridge, the oats are soft porridge. You can add a milk to cool it faster.

Easy peasy, and make you full for long time, also even with a small amount of ingredients, you can make a lot of variations.



Egg, banana and muesli.



Cliff Bar.



Breakfast Oats

Make night before:
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup milk (or whatever liquid of choice)
1/4 cup berries of choice (I like blueberry)
Handful of nuts or seeds of choice
Vanilla extract or honey to taste, sometimes I add cinnamon to help curb my appetite
Refrigerate and enjoy in the morning!

You can also use yogurt but you still will need liquid so that the oats hydrate and soften.



Daily Harvest oat bowl



McDonald's lol


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