The US is currently spending 38 billion dollars a year on sugar and confectionary. However, our planet is also turning into a garbage dump. This is why Ambrorella Organic, a company that created lollipops to save the planet, has recently become quite popular.

Amborella Organic is a small company that has created organic lollipops with unique flavors inside. The lollies contain edible seeds and natural flavoring but that’s not all! Inside the sticks are seeds that have been inserted before making the lollipops, which can grow different types of plants.

How this works is simple, you finish eating the lollie and plant the seed. Water daily, and soon you will have your own plant! Different flavors also grow different plants, for example, strawberry and basil will grow basil, rosemary and mint will grow mint and peach and marigold will grow marigold.

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Sage and Marshmallow

Lavender and Lemongrass

Lemon and Thyme

Champagne and Roses

Vanilla and Hibiscus

Strawberry and Basil

Peach and Marigold

Watermelon and Borage

Rosemary and Mint