Matthew Chalker, AKA Chalker7, is a California-based “informal educator, curriculum content specialist and digital fabrication expert.” Recently he spent sixty hours crafting a custom mechanical iris aperture engagement ring box to surprise his photographer girlfriend. She said “yes!”

Chalker made the design based on the Instructables plan below, but wrote he would consider crafting another. “I would be happy to make and sell another, but there is a significant time and material investment however. To complete a full box we’d be looking at $2000-$3000 dollars. If you’re interested, send me your contact information and we can talk details!”

More info: | Instagram | Twitter | Iconoquare | Instructables (h/t: chalker7)

“I made an engagement ring box for my photographer girlfriend”

“It opens and closes like the aperture on a camera”

“A whole lot of hours went into this, but I’m pleased with the results”

She said “yes!”