With the whole global pandemic situation, this year’s Halloween celebration is most probably not gonna look and feel the same as it did all these years before. But that absolutely doesn’t mean that we should give up altogether—we can always work with what we have, right?

You don’t need to organize a huge celebration and invite tons of people for this day to be truly special. For instance, you could get creative and make some spookylicious Halloween-themed snacks for yourself and your family members. In fact, we happened across some photos to tickle your creativity.

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The selection of snacks includes red velvet Rice Krispie treats decorated to look like packaged raw meat patties

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

A girl named Lindsey Ellen has recently gone on Facebook and shared some pics capturing the genius and mildly disturbing spooky season-inspired snacks and sweets she made for her birthday this year. And we think that all of these little snacks would be the perfect addition to anyone’s Halloween table.

“I had a birthday coming and fall/Halloween are my favorite holiday and time of year besides Christmas, and I was an art major, drawing lots when I was little—and such a vivid creative mind I love to make it come to LIFE. And what better way to do so through treats. I actually went onto Pinterest for some ideas and made them my own with a twist for my style!” Lindsey Ellen told Bored Panda.

Next, we have some crispy sticks in the shape of half-smoked cigarettes

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

As you can see, Lindsey’s selection includes 8 spookylicious snacks and sweets. The first one, apparently, is red velvet Rice Krispie treats decorated to look like packaged meat patties. The second photo seems to be capturing yummy crispy sticks made to look like half-smoked cigarettes. Next, we have a few transparent blood bags filled with cranberry juice and vodka.

The third photo captures transparent blood bags filled with cranberry juice and vodka

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

There’s also a tray full of used Q-tips—marshmallows dipped in chocolate. Then we can also see some prescription bottles filled with small candy. Next, we have a cheese and meat plate with a plastic skeleton laying on top of it. And finally, some urine samples and COVID-19 vaccines that are in fact jello shots.

Then there’s a tray full of marshmallows dipped in chocolate made to look like used Q-tips

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

Turns out, this girl is actually a true professional at making snacks and desserts look absolutely impressive. Lindsey is a luxury cake designer and she has an Instagram account called xxcakegeniusxx, where she posts most of her creations. Her feed is mostly filled with all kinds of cakes and cupcakes that look like genuine pieces of art.

“I am a Cottage baker from Tacoma, WA. I started my niche in 2011 when my sister asked me to make her a cake for her 21st birthday. I actually did quite well or so I thought and had so much fun,” Lindsey told us. “I grew up watching my grandmother making amazing wedding cakes, and my mother baking tons of pecan pies and her famous Italian pastry that is 6 generations in the making!! It was only a matter of time before I figured out my ability with cakes myself. I specialize in fondant work.”

Some prescription bottles filled with candy

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

“I followed in my grandmothers and mothers footsteps watching them produce amazing wedding cakes and my mother’s famous Italian pastry and her pecan pie! I really got into fondant work as many cakes do not produce it, it’s not a favorite to most, however, I have found my niche with it, and my creations have come along way over 9 years,” the woman told us.

Fake skeleton and his meat

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

When asked what she likes the most about baking, Lindsey told us this: “What I love most about baking is it’s my ME time. I get to zone the world out. I am after all a full-time mother, wife, and I also have a full-time job. When I bake for my clients, I get to be ME. I get to show ME through my creations.”

Some urine samples that are in fact jello shots

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

We were curious to ask Lindsey how did she feel about her post featuring these amazing Halloween-themed snacks going viral. “I never thought would ever happen! I always love my support from my community and I as an artist love to showcase my work through FOOD! And going viral, I can now show the world! I am my worst critic and this reminds me that I actually am pretty dang good at my craft and should continue! It makes my mind flow to come up with some more ideas to keep my audience entertained as I love to do so!” Lindsey told us.

And finally, we’ve got a bowl of syringes with jello shots inside

Image credits: Lindsey Ellen

“Only another thing to add is thank you for all the love, the appreciation from the support both locally and WORLDWIDE! It’s amazing and I will strive to continue to be the best and make my clients mouths water through the love of CAKE!” the woman added.

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What did you think about these snacks? Would you like to have something like this gracing your Halloween table this year? Feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section!