The world is full of surprises, probably no one would dare to argue with that. But isn’t it just the best when the surprise comes on top of something already quite exciting and positive! It’s like those “buy 1, get 1 free” discounts. Only this time, the “free thing” happened to be way better. This guy started his day hoping to visit an art exhibition with his family only to find himself totally geeking out when he realized it’s in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe jewel’s “Avengers: Endgame” filming locations. Scroll down to find out more!

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This guy named Mark accidentally found himself at the Avengers filming location

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Apparently, the story began when 34-year-old graphic designer Mark Tranter, who is originally from Whales but currently living in Denmark, joined his family for a quick visit to the UK and his sister-in-law had an idea to pay a little visit to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich and see the ceramics exhibition there. Right when they were parking the car, she said: “Oh yeah, and I think they filmed a scene or something for the Avengers”. Little did he know then, he would find himself visiting the Avengers compound from the latest and last instalment of the whole Avengers saga, “Avengers: Endgame”.

He was visiting his family in the UK when his sister-in-law suggested that they visit a ceramics exhibition

It was surely the most exciting part of the day as he considers himself a huge Marvel fan. “I’m also a DC fan though, I like both but I’m probably a bigger fan of Marvel. But I’m also a big movie buff, and find everything about movie-making interesting (like locations and behind the scenes stuff) which is why I was so happy to find out about the “Sainsbury Centre”, it’s interesting on two levels, movies and Comics.”

Which happened to be held in Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich

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He then separated from his family who went on to the exhibition as planned and spent the day walking around by himself, taking pics. Mark told Bored Panda that when his family went into the exhibition, he was quite uncertain and said he would just prefer to walk around a bit and take some photos and requested his wife to lend him her phone. She was a little startled because of his request but after he said he needed it, “So I can take pictures with a reference picture… Obviously.” He then wished them, “Have fun looking at bowls,” and parted ways to dork around the grounds. “I don’t mind art,” he says, “but I enjoy stupid little things like this more.”

While that’s how it’s known to most people, it’s the Avengers compound for Marvel fans

His only regret was not knowing where they’d be going in advance, since “every time I know I’m going to a movie location, I like to take the relevant LEGO Minifigures and take some stupid pics. They’re kind of my version of holiday snaps. My favorite so far has been Spider-Man in front of the Flatiron building in New York (The Daily Bugle in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films).”

Image credits: mynamesRhodandiliketoparty

While it sure got some serious editing for the movie

It was surely exciting to see where this grand movie was filmed. All while the Porsche North America building in Atlanta ‘stars’ as the headquarters’ building for most of the time in “Endgame”, the movie was filmed all over the world, with different locations being used for different shots sometimes, this being one of them.

That’s how it actually looks from the inside

Mark’s love for all things geeky doesn’t end with filming locations though. He is also a contributor to SCGC (Swansea Comics and Gaming Convention), an independent comic convention with half the proceeds going to a local charity, and they involve the love of comics, tabletop games and everything geeky.

Just with a few more tables, as it serves as a cafeteria in real life

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Mark has actually called himself really dorky after this whole adventure but he sure couldn’t miss a chance to eat a brownie in the Avengers compound. You don’t get to do that every day after all!

If the Centre is a compound, then ‘fictional geographically’, this is the Endgame Battlefield

Image credits: mynamesRhodandiliketoparty

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