Every once in a while, a song appears that just seems to get into everyone’s head whether you want it to or not. “Shallow” certainly became one of those shortly after “A Star Was Born”, directed by Bradley Cooper and starring himself and Lady Gaga, aired in cinemas. It suddenly seemed to have become everyone’s gem all at once but then quietly retreated into some sort of slumber as time went by. Despite whether you didn’t get enough of it or couldn’t be bothered to play it at least once more after you’ve heard it so many times already, Charlotte Awbery will certainly surprise you with her flawless performance of “Shallow”. She was asked to finish the lyrics in the subway by a complete stranger and what came after blew away not only him but the whole Internet as well.

A guy challenged this passerby to finish the lyrics to the famous track “Shallow”

Little did he know then that the stranger was a singer and songwriter named Charlotte Awbery

She sang the line given to her by a stranger in the subway

And continued on to the chorus after he kept encouraging her

A star was truly born as soon as she hit those high notes


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People flooded her social media after the clip of her singing “Shallow” in the subway went viral


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She has gained almost 30k new followers since then and the number keeps growing!


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Cover! Love is on the way!💞swipe right x

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How else could it be when people are so in awe of her talent

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