I am Vivien Szaniszlo, and painting is my passion. After 10 years of break, I began to paint again in the last two years. I often used the colors bright and powerful, I always loved work with them. Since I was a kid I see the numbers, the letters, so in this way the words and concepts in diverse colors in my mind. These things didn’t change while I grew up. I just remembered easier in the school on the dates, items or on the text details with help of colors. It was natural for me. I never told anyone, just nowadays. I didn’t know that it has any importance. So lately was turned out, that I have Grapheme-color synesthesia. This capability is an advantage in the art because I need to think just a little bit how to put the colors on canvas, I feel there will be the right point for them.

Usually I work with oil, watercolor, but I like to getting know new materials. It is always challenging if people start new things. This was the very first time, when I painted with “glow-in-the-dark colors”, and I loved every single minutes! It seemed like an exciting journey to another world, it was like some kind of magic to me.

After the first testes, I thought, it can be a good thing if my paintings will be colorful in the night as in the daylight. And then I wanted to put a meaning and interesting twist in them. I had an idea; I would like to create pictures that are not the same in the daytime as in the darkness. In this case, I can smuggle two paintings in one. I tried to hide a secret in every piece, what show clearly just when the sun goes down. The synesthesia helped me a lot to navigate in the colors in the dark. I would like to encourage everyone to try something new because you can get a lot of positive energy!

I hope you will find pleasure in my glow-in-the-dark paintings! I am wishing a lot of magically moment to all!

More info: vivienszaniszlo.com | Facebook | Instagram

Usually, my favorite painting is the one I am currently working on. Maybe it’s because the emotional bond is still very tight because that’s when all thoughts are formed and put on the canvas at the same time. It is very important to me that what I create is always authentic and self-identical.

Sometimes I consciously touch on a topic because I want to draw attention to something, but there are times when images just flash into my head, shreds, vague details that I know are moments of a future creation. I let this information sit and mature until I get a complex sight that I can finally put on canvas.

In my work, I rarely sketch. I prefer immediately painting on the blank canvas, drawing the main lines with a brush. There are few things as beautiful to me as a blank canvas. The untouched surface is full of possibilities, lots of freedom, and endless stories.

The time spent on a piece is completely variable, it depends on what the concept is, how big in size is the canvas I work on, and how mentally attuned I am to that particular painting. However, I usually finish an oil painting within 2-3 weeks.

I love the work of old masters, especially surrealism, which is closest to my heart. But I also love Impressionism. My favorite artists are Dali, Monet, Van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. I love the atmosphere of museums; I really miss the old permanent exhibitions where one can see hundreds of years old images from another century, from historical ages. In such cases, it always comes to mind how wonderful it would be to create such a lasting, to represent real value.

In the future, I would like to organize more solo exhibitions both at home and abroad. I want to get my work and ideas to as many people as possible. Later on, I want to set up a foundation to nurture talent. Where we would help complete and support children who are disadvantaged. My goal is to be able to give the world something lasting, something special from my point of view.

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Beautiful!! Want one to frame and put on a wall in my house!

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