Wouldn’t it be amazing to stumble on a fairytale picnic in the woods and be invited to join? Have you ever wanted to go on a *real* treasure hunt for buried treasure hidden by codes and clues? Those examples may sound fantastical, but as Miss Wondersmith, it is my goal to make them a reality!

A few years ago, I threw a surprise party for strangers. I hid invitations in the woods written on purple ferns, I created artistic vessels to hold the food, and I foraged the ingredients myself. It was a magical experience, and it filled my heart in a way it had never been filled before. That experience changed my life.

For several years now, I have been working as Miss Wondersmith, hosting more magical events that are always free to my guests! I’m supported by generous patrons, who want to help and believe in what I am doing (and get some bonus treats as thanks, of course.) I like to create my artwork to accompany each event, and, until now, I have been selling them to supplement my income.

But lately, I have been thinking about what “success” means to me. All I want in life is to be able to live comfortably and do what I love, which is making the world a more wonder-filled place! This is why I set a goal for myself on my patreon page. As soon as I’m able to earn enough every month to cover my supplies, materials, and medical costs (I have several chronic illnesses), I’ll be able to afford to give away my beautiful artwork! I’m so excited to be able to offer my patrons clues or hints, or host surprise competitions, or share my art with a group of people in need of comfort (like the series of chalices I made for survivors of the Camp Fire in CA last year, glazed with the ashes of their lost homes.)

More info: patreon.com | thewondersmith.com | Instagram

Purple Sea Urchin tea set

From my event “Urchin Tea.” You can see more here.

Why give it all away? Because I want to believe in a world where buried treasure and secret clues exist, and the best way to make that happen is to make them myself. Because I want my artwork to be accessible to people of all social classes, not just the wealthy, and I don’t like thinking of my creativity as a transaction. Because I want the creations that I put my heart and soul into to bring wonder into someone else’s life. Because several brushes with death have made me appreciate the magic of this world and given me a new perspective about why I fought to stay alive. Because I am Miss Wondersmith, and spreading wonder is my life’s purpose.

Here are some examples of my artwork so you can see my style! Some of these pieces have been sold or gifted. Still, there are plenty more hiding away just waiting to become buried treasure (not to mention the projects I am working on now, as well!)

If you would like to learn more about me and what I do, please visit my Patreon or my homepage. And don’t forget: buried treasure totally exists. I know, because I’m putting it there.

Glass “Lichen Platters”

Inspired by the proliferation of lichens and mosses in early spring. This set is still waiting for the right home.

A detail of the handmade murrini I made for the lichen platters

Doesn’t it look like moss?

Dream platters

Featuring the wild herbs and creatures that appear in my most meaningful dreams. These are waiting for the perfect event to make their debut!

Blue nests

Handblown glass filled with blue feathers, used for my event “Blue Pool” These lovely nests are waiting to be adopted, too!

Barnacle teapot

This is a set I made for a family member. I love how it turned out!

Fireweed Chalices

I created these for survivors of the Camp Fire in California in 2018 who lost everything. They sent me samples of ash from their burned yards and I made it into a glaze. Each piece is unique because of the different glazes.

Before I sent off the Fireweed Chalices, I held a special event in a fireweed patch to bless them and fill them up with fireweed tea!

Green glass (detail)

A detail shot of a larger glass sculpture, made with patterned glass cane and murrini that I created myself! I was inspired by anemones, barnacles, and the beauty of tide pools.

Detail image of my Purple Urchin tea set

(Which is ready to become a treasure!)

Glass barnacle bowls

These are 100% glass and were one of my first explorations into the beauty of barnacles!

Raven magic spoons

Hand-sculpted and carved with a secret code and ravens, ready for a special event.

Tan barnacle cups set

Purple barnacle splash bowl

More of my glass work with a nautical theme!

Tidepool Statement necklace

I created the glass pieces, cut and enameled the base, and brought it all together into a stunning statement necklace. Can’t you just see this in a mermaid’s treasure chest??

Mussel shell spoons

These all have homes, but I am excited to create more sets like this in the future!

Sea Urchin bowl forms

An exploration of the color and texture of the urchin shells I find sometimes on the coast.

Love Letters tea set

Each cup contains a snippet of poetry about someone who means a lot to me. This set is too personal to sell, but I love it too much not to share it! It was part of my event “Love Letters”.
You can see more here.

Butterfly wing glass vessels

Inspired by the delicacy of butterfly wings. These were part of the “Blue Pool” event I shared. You can learn more about it here.

Green series bleached barnacle cups

I used these for my free gathering called “Ephemera” which You can see more of over here.

Textured black bowls

I used these hand-sculpted pieces for my event, “Nyctophilia.” You can see more pictures of this event here.

Blue pool spoons

A hybrid of glass and ceramic, with vibrant blue feathers and a story to tell!

Ember cups

I based these cups on the beauty of dying embers, with flickers of real gold fired onto the ceramic surface!

Purple fern glasses

To make these, I blew a small bubble into molten glass, then rolled them over a real fern leaf covered in colored powder. Then I shaped them into drinking glasses. They were used at Lady Fern’s Soiree. You can see more here.

Wild rose petals

Lovingly sculpted out of porcelain and hand-painted in many layers, these strong plates looked as delicate as real rose petals. I used them in a gathering I held last summer celebrating the versatility and magic of wild roses!

Wild Rose and Rose Quartz crown

While my main art focus is glass and ceramics, I also create crowns for each gathering I do! This one has hand-sculpted crepe paper roses and drips with clusters of rose quartz.

Another peek at my glass barnacle bowls!

Tidepool Necklace, modeled by my friend Chelsea!

I imagine this necklace belongs in some ancient mermaid treasure…

Mother of Pearl bowls

Hand-sculpted and finished with a shimmery luster. These were part of my gathering “Shipwreck.” You can see more here.

Barnacle Sake Cups

Also made for my gathering “Shipwreck” Don’t they look at home amongst the coastal rocks and seaweed?

Another tidepool necklace with bright green glass pieces!

And finally, a little peek at something bigger. The smile on my face shows how I feel when I am able to share my art with someone!