A stray cat brought her kittens to my back door after a bad storm one July.

Two of the kittens were always together, and would be upset if one was picked up and the other wasn’t. I often wonder if they are twins.

A Tale of Two Kitties: This is Mama, who showed up on my doorstep one July with three kittens after a bad storm

The next day, Mama had five kittens with her

We named two of the kittens Gertrude and Mathilda. They were always together. When they were a bit older we had to rename them, to Gert and Matt

We eventually found homes for all the kitties, except Gert and Matt. We couldn’t separate them

After a few years it was just Gertnmatt. They are never apart

Gertnmatt do everything together. EVERYTHING

I often wonder if they are twins