While for some people Christmas is the time of festivity, closeness and family, for some it is the perfect chance to rejoice in a little cheekiness. And what better way to get a laugh or two out of your family than Christmas pranks? A little harmless fun never hurt nobody right?

One Imgur user just shared a Christmas prank they’ve been enacting for years and the photographs, truly, speak for themselves.

Their type of fun? Placing G.I. Joe action figures all over their mother’s Christmas decorations. And they’ve got quite a collection to spread around!

From snipers in the Christmas tree to guards in liquor cabinet, this person made sure to sneak as many soldier figurines as possible. But hey, it’s all in good spirits and hurts nobody, right?

Most of us know about G.I. Joe action figures from our childhood, but for those unaware of this line, here’s some basic background. G.I. Joe initially offered figurines from four branches of the US armed forces, Action Soldier represented the US Army, Action Pilot was part of the Air Force, Action Sailor of US Navy, while Action Marine represented Marine Corps.

The name, G.I. Joe, came from the term used to describe a generic U.S. soldier. With the first line coming out in the 60s, G.I. Joes defined what we know of action figures as they developed into a bigger line that couldn’t simply be described as a ‘doll’.

And while for the majority of the population see these action figures as part of some imaginary war scene, some, like this internet user, found a way to incorporate them into our everyday lives. And in this case, in such a fun way!

And here’s what people had to say about the prank